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What is happening to our beautiful serene place?


KUALA TERENGGANU (The Star): Revellers at a recent wild party on Pulau Perhentian are believed to have had a sex orgy before Besut District Council (MDB) enforcement officers moved in on them.

It is learnt that this was the second time a wild party was held on the island.

The first, themed “Buffalo Bars Pink Lady”, was organised on May 3 where it is learnt that there was sexual intercourse between revellers.

On the “Come bare under the moonlight’’ party on May 10, council officer Razman Ahmad, who led the team, said he was startled to find condoms strewn on the secluded beachfront where the party was held.

“I can’t disclose more facts as the council has lodged a police report on the matter, but I can tell you that there were activities associated with sexual intercourse on that night and this was substantiated by the discovery of sex paraphernalia,” Razman said yesterday.

He declined to elaborate whether he witnessed the revellers having sex when council officials arrived at the scene.

Investigations showed the organiser was a 31-year-old man from Kedah who arranged the party with his girlfriend from Ireland.

It is learnt that police were investigating her for organising similar parties, including in Langkawi and Port Dickson, and that she was responsible for posting the invitation on her Facebook.

Razman added that the scantily-clad teenagers, some of them foreigners, were intoxicated when his team arrived at 1am in two speedboats.

He said he decided to call his superior to brief him on the situation, following which, the police were informed and 15 officers arrived at the scene.

The officers seized alcoholic drinks worth about RM90,000, loudspeakers, audio equipment, psychotropic pills, drug and sex paraphernalia during the raid.

The party was attended by 200 teenagers, who were invited via Facebook.

Of the first party, council president Wan Mustafa Wan Hassan said the officers were unable to reach the site on time as they received the tip-off late.

Wan Mustafa said the council has slapped the couple involved in the second party with a RM25,000 fine under the Entertainment Act 2002 for organising a party without permit.

A police report has also been lodged.


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KUALA TERENGGANU (The Star): A wild party on Pulau Perhentian attended by about 200 teenagers – invited via Facebook – was cut short by council officers who were tipped off that the gathering was getting brazen.

Themed “Come bare under the moonlight”, the booze-and-drug party was held at a secluded beach on the island and had scantily-clad teenagers, some of them foreigners, dancing and drinking the night away.pulau perhentian

Officers from the Besut District Council, who got wind of the party from the locals, went to the scene on speedboats. On seeing them, the teenagers ran helter-skelter.

The officers confiscated crates of alcoholic drinks worth about RM90,000, loudspeakers, audio equipment, psychotropic pills and drug paraphernalia.

A police report was lodged and the authorities believe the organiser had arranged similar parties in Langkawi, Port Dickson and other popular holiday resorts.

Outraged over the incident, state Health, Unity and Consumer Affair Committee chairman Dr Abdul Rahman Mokthar said the state government was forming snoop squads to tip off the authorities of such parties on the island.

“We are getting the villagers and hotel workers to alert us immediately if they come across such immoral parties in the future,” he said.

Dr Abdul Rahman, who is also Kuala Besut assemblyman, said there had been numerous complaints of such parties on the island previously.

“We have yet to catch anyone red-handed but with the cooperation of the islanders, we are sure we can put a stop to them,” he told The Star yesterday.

Dr Abdul Rahman said the state government had directed the authorities to arrest those who gather at public places to indulge in illicit activities.

“There will be no leniency for those caught, regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign tourists.

“There are many entertainment outlets on the island and revellers should not go naked in public places,” he said.

On the statement by Terengganu PAS Youth secretary Wan Mohd Faizul Wan Abas that holiday islands in the state had been used for wild parties, Dr Abdul Rahman said the state government was doing its best to curb the menace.


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