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 Khairulnizam Ishak, 31, says they cannot get in touch with the company or its officers to get refunds

Khairulnizam Ishak, 31, says they cannot get in touch with the company or its officers to get refunds

KUALA TERENGGANU: Thirty Internet service provider dealers yesterday claimed they had lost large sums of money and had been left in the dark over promised refunds by their company.

The dealers, who are from various parts of the country, said they had spent over RM100,000 on average in membership fees, deposits for software and hardware products.

They also incurred costs in setting up office for the company, which has yet to commence operations.

The deposits for memberships fees, software and hardware alone came up to RM65,000.

Launched in January last year, the company was formed to supply portable Internet protocol, voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and broadband services.
The dealers said they could not get in touch with the company, while some of the cheques sent to several of them have not been honoured.

“We have reached a dead end. Even the chief executive officer is not answering his phone.

“We want an explanation and for the company to pay our losses.

“Most of us used our own savings, while some had mortgaged their land. And now we are like bankrupts,” Khairulnizam Ishak said after lodging a police report at the Kuala Terengganu police station.

The report was lodged in Terengganu as the recruiting office was in Dungun.

The jobless 31-year-old from Ipoh, who quit his job as a technician to be a full-time dealer, said he had hoped this new venture would lead to a better life, as most of the participants were from the lower-income group.

He said he had written to the CEO of the company in September to pull out of the venture who agreed to reimburse them in a month.

But in October, they were told the refund would come in November. Since then the office in Kelana Jaya has closed and the CEO cannot be contacted.

“Hopefully, they will get in touch with us. Otherwise, we will have to bring this matter to court,” he said.


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