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KUALA TERENGGANU (The Star): Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said sharply rapped Terengganu Public Works Department for failing to properly oversee the construction of the RM18mil-Batu Burok Aquatic Complex here.

Ahmad, who made a surprise visit to the complex Saturday, was visibly upset when he discovered numerous defects in the structure of the building that caters for aquatic related sporting events.

“PWD should have scrutinised the construction from the start. Instead, there are now leaks in the roof and stagnant water at several parts of the building,” he said.

“They should have also taken into account the costs of operation and maintenance of the complex if the building materials were not according to specifications.

“Now this oversight has caused unnecessary expenses for the state, he said.

Ahmad said PWD engineers should have checked the type of materials used for the construction of the complex as groundwork for buildings situated close to the beachfront required resin-based building substances to withstand the weather.

The type of building materials used should have been closely monitored from the beginning to prevent deterioration over the years, he said.

Ahmad was also disappointed to see steel supporting the canvass roofs at the complex corroded merely a year after it completion.

“However, the complex’s roof was made of canvass or else we would have had another roof collapsing episode here.

“The steel pillars in the complex should have been coated with anti-rust and what we see today is very disappointing,” he said adding that he would call for immediate remedial work at the complex.

Ahmad said PWD’s engineers and architects should have been more responsible by conducting constant checks from the start of the construction until the completion.

Terengganu Swimming Association secretary Yan Kong Lee said the defects were reported to PWD last year.

He said the leaks in the complex roof had also damaged facilities and computers in the office inside the aquatic centre.

Meanwhile, former state executive councillor Datuk Wan Hashim Wan Salleh blasted opposition leaders here for faulting the state government in Tuesday’s roof collapse mishap at Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin stadium in Gong Badak here. Wan Hisham who previously helmed Infrastructure, Public Amenity and Communication committee during the reign of former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh lamented that the opposition was entirely blaming the state government, particularly the former administration for the mishap.

“They are just looking for a scapegoat. This is definitely unethical,” he said when contacted here Saturday.

Wan Hisham said the opposition leaders should wait for the outcome of the probe into the mishap before pointing fingers.

He was commenting on statement from State PAS deputy information chief, Dr Alias Razak that the state government had responded lackadaisically to complaints brought up last year about the deterioration spotted at the stadium’s roof frame.

On the ongoing probe over roof collapse by Public Works Department (PWD), Wan Hisham urged PWD to thoroughly investigate from all aspects including engineering, design and construction of the structure.

The probe should also concentrate on the possibility of sabotage that could have caused the roof to collapse, he added.

However, Wan Hisham declined to elaborate on what he meant by the possibility of sabotage as he has to wait for the preliminary report on the mishap before commenting further.

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KUALA TERENGGANU (NST): The State Public Works Department was told about the defects to the roof of the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium a year ago.

And when nothing was done, Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said called a meeting with the PWD three weeks ago and reminded them to look into the problem.

Ahmad wanted the defects rectified as soon as possible as the end of the defect liability period was fast approaching.

“I did not want anything bad to happen. The PWD took steps to address the matter but I cannot comment why it took so long, nor why the roof collapsed,” Ahmad said.

The menteri besar said he had informed PWD to look into the defects immediately after the 12th Malaysia Games (Sukma) last May.
Ahmad said that the state government would now look for foreign experts for a second opinion into the cause of the collapse.

“This way, we can compare the findings of the foreign experts with that of the consultant hired by the PWD, to ensure the findings are consistent and ironclad.

“We will not put a time frame in selecting the foreign consultant. We do not want to carry out a rush job.

“We want a thorough report so that we will not be questioned later on. We don’t want to be embarrassed again.”

The RM292 million stadium, built last year, is now out of operation after a large section of its roof collapsed on Tuesday.

The authorities are nevertheless, counting their blessings, that the roof did not collapse yesterday as the stadium was the venue for the Malaysian Inter-Varsity Staff games.

The event would have seen some 3,000 competitors and officials taking part. As the collapse occurred above the grandstand area, several VIPs could have been seriously hurt if the games had gone on and the roof collapsed 24 hours later. The incident, however, damaged a car and four motorcycles.

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KUALA TERENGGANU (The Star): The Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium was issued a partial work completion certificate last year as it was considered safe to host the Malaysia Games.

State Public Works Department deputy director Ghazali Hashim said the certification, based on the report by an independent examiner, was given to several sections of the stadium including the track, field and several areas outside the building.

“However, we have not issued any certification for the roof as it was still under the warranty period,” he said of the roof of the stadium which collapsed on Tuesday.

A local consultant commissioned to evaluate the safety of the roof declared it safe, he said, adding: “So, we allowed the Games to be held at the venue.”

Ghazali had earlier accompanied Youth and Sport Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek to visit the site Wednesday.

Ghazali said the department was only empowered to issue a work completion certificate once the warranty period had ended. “We have to wait for the warranty period to be over before issuing any certification for the roof,” he said.

Ghazali said government buildings were exempted from having to apply for Certificate of Fitness before occupying the premises.

In the case of the stadium, he said the department issued a partial certification and was in the midst of getting a full-fledged status for the stadium.

The department, he said, would ask the stadium’s main contractor for compensation and carry-out remedial work.

“We will hold the main contractor responsible as (the other firm) the Korean firm was the sub-contractor. “As far as we are concerned, payments were made directly to main contractor and not the Korean firm,” he said.

Ghazali said the department had previously compounded the main contractor for not completing work as scheduled.

Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said has ordered an immediate inspection of newly completed buildings following the incident.

He said the checks would focus on detecting structural defects, cracks and shoddy workmanship. Some of the new buildings are the indoor stadium, Sultan Mahmud Airport and swimming complex.

He said he himself noticed defects on the roof of the year-old Sultan Mahmud Airport. He said the state would appoint independent consultants to carry out the checks.

The roof collapse came only one year after the stadium’s completion which cost RM300mil.

Authorities are investigating if the contractors had rushed to complete the stadium ahead of the Malaysia Games in June last year. Meanwhile, Raja Datuk Kamarul Bahrin Shah of Senibahri Arkitek, the principal architect of the stadium, said he might comment on the incident in a few days’ time.

“I can’t say anything now as I do not have the full facts,” he said when contacted via SMS in Medinah where he is on his way to perform the umrah at Mecca.

Raja Kamarul Baharin said he would return to the country on June 10.

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 The roof  collapsed  on the  grandstand. —  Picture courtesy of PWD
The roof collapsed on the grandstand. — Picture courtesy of PWD

KUALA TERENGGANU (NST): It was a disaster waiting to happen, said engineer A. Mohamed.

Mohamed, who works in a private firm said he often jogged in the area and had noticed that the space frame which held the roof was getting bent out of shape.

“It could be seen from far away. I feared it would give way eventually and the roof would collapse. Today, it did.”

Mohamed claimed he had tried to warn government agencies and the media by sending pictures of the defects but was ignored.

Electrician Hanafiah Osman, 27, whose car was damaged in the incident said he was working on a lamp post outside the stadium when he heard a loud noise.
“I turned around and saw the roof collapsing.

“I rushed to my car but it was already crushed,” he said.

Stadium Management Board chief executive officer Arpin Draman said fortunately no event was held at the stadium as the roof collapsed on the grandstand.

“At the time of the incident, only a handful of stadium employees were in the vicinity and none of them were hurt.”

Arpin said he had never doubted the stadium’s structure as its safety had been assured by the Public Works Department.

“We have a bowling alley and squash courts in the stadium and it was fortunate the roof fell before they opened at 10am.”

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