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KUALA BERANG (The Star): A giant fish that supposedly caused the deaths of two men on Tuesday could have been the highly predatory and aggressive arapaima gigas.

Fish biologist Dr Mohd Fadzil Suhaimi Ramli said the natural habitat of the fish which could reach 4.9m was the Amazon and Orinoco rivers of South America.

He said the fish that the locals dubbed as ikan naga due to its features that were similar to the mystical dragon could have been released into the lake by someone when it became too large.

“Due to its size, this fish preys on local species which are smaller in size,” he told The Star.

Mohd Fahmi said the arapaima would become aggressive when hungry.

Arapaima gigas have an elongated body covered with large, thick scales and a small tail.

Its wide mouth faces upward and the colour ranges from dark brown to black with blue highlights and red edges, particularly on the tail.

It could leap several metres into the air and its powerful head could capsize small boats on impact.

Meanwhile, villagers at Kampung Baung – that borders Tasik Kenyir – claimed that they have witnessed the monstrous arapaima leaping high into the air on several occasions.

A villager who did not want to be named claimed that he had once sighted a giant fish the size of a baby elephant.

Another villager Mohd Fahmi Mustafa, 25, said his grandfather told him that an old Chinese man appeared one day at the village in the late 70s and released two fish that resembled a dragon into the then Kenyir river.

“My grandpa said the old man had claimed that the fish were from overseas and that he had to release them as they had become too big,” he said.

On Tuesday, bird park supervisor Helmi Sukhri Hisham, 28, drowned after he mysteriously fell off his boat.

State Fire and Rescue Department driver Aladi Hasan, 41, who had gone to the lake to search for him, also drowned.

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KUALA TERENGGANU (Sinar Harian)– Rakyat negeri ini berpeluang melalui jalan singkat ke Tasik Kenyir dengan menggunakan Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT) Fasa 2 apabila pakej 11 dan 12 siap menjelang akhir tahun ini.

Menteri Besar, Datuk Ahmad Said berkata, dengan perkembangan terbaru itu, orang ramai hanya perlu mengambil masa 35 minit untuk perjalanan dari Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud (LTSM) ke tempat pelancongan berkenaan.

“Sekarang ini (perjalanan ke Tasik Kenyir) mengambil masa sekitar satu jam, sebab itu usaha untuk memajukan Tasik Kenyir lebih cepat tercapai dengan siapnya pakej 11 dan 12 nanti kerana kita berpeluang menggunakan laluan ke Tasik Kenyir,” katanya kepada pemberita ketika ditemui sempena lawatannya ke tapak projek LPT Fasa 2, semalam.

Menurut Ahmad, pakej 12 membabitkan jarak lebih kurang tujuh kilometer ketika ini siap kira-kira 83 peratus dan diberi jaminan akan siap sepenuhnya sebelum tahun depan.

Bagaimanapun, Ahmad berkata, pakej 11 kini masih menunggu keputusan tender untuk premix berikutan kontraktor sebelum ini telah menyerahkannya kepada LPT Fasa 2.

Ahmad berkata, peningkatan harga premix menyebabkan dua syarikat, JBQ dan Bukit Puteri tidak mampu melaksanakan projek itu kerana risiko kerugian.

“Masalah kos harga premix yang meningkat sekali ganda menyebabkan projek di bawah pakej itu tertangguh ketika ini. Saya yakin proses pelaksanaan premix boleh disiapkan dalam tiga hingga empat bulan,” katanya.

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HULU TERENGGANU (The Star): Singapore’s low-cost carrier Tiger Airways is plan­ning to fly direct from the city-state to Kuala Terengganu’s Sultan Mahmud Airport.

The airline is now negotiating the flight frequencies with the Department of Civil Aviation here and Malaysia Airports Berhad.

Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said said the Singapore budget airline recently wrote to Malaysia Airports, stating its commitment to serve the route.

“Malaysia Airports officials in­­formed the state government that Tiger Airways would be coming to Kuala Terengganu,” he said after making a day tour to Kenyir Lake yesterday.

Ahmad said the state government had also agreed to absorb all taxes and fees incurred by Tiger Airways for the first three years of it its opera­tions here.

This means the airline’s airport taxes, landing, parking and aerobridge fees will be paid to Malaysia Airports by the state government.

“We hope the airfare from Singa­pore to Terengganu and vice-versa will be very affordable to further boost the tourism industry,” he said.

Ahmad said similar incentives would be given to any other international airlines that was interested in making the airport here their regional transportation hub.

Tiger Airways will be the second carrier flying the Singa­pore-Kuala Terengganu route after Firefly, which is offering three flights in a week starting next month.

Ahmad said his government was also in discussion with China Air­­lines to operate a direct flight from Guangzhou, China to Kuala Tereng­ganu.

On another matter, Ahmad said the state government had commissioned a consultant to plan a cable-car service at Kenyir lake.

He said the state government had also allocated RM50mil, this year for the purpose of developing Kenyir lake.

Meanwhile, in Kuching, Sarawak, State Tourism and Urban Develop­ment Minister Datuk Michael Man­yin said the state was in talks with Tiger Airways and Jetstar Asia to launch direct flights between Singa­pore and Miri.

Michael Manyin said the proposed direct air links would support the state’s efforts to promote tourism attractions, like the Mulu and Niah National Parks and the Kelabit highlands, in the northern region.

“It will allow us to offer our various packages in culture, adventure and nature to entice the Singaporeans, expatriates and tourists in Singapore to the northern region ,” he added during the Sarawak state assembly yesterday.

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