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Lebih 100 Judul Majalah

Alam Akademik mempunyai koleksi yang terbaik dengan lebih 100 judul majalah dalam pelbagai jenis.

Majalah-majalah popular dalam Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris sememangnya dipilih khas untuk hidangan selera pembeli kami.


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  • Harmoni
  • Mastika
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  • Cosmopolitan
  • The Economist
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  • Saji
  • Roda-roda
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Anda boleh membuat panggilan dahulu untuk mengetahui samada majalah yang anda tunggu sudah sampai atau belum dengan menelefon: 09-623-1110 – Insha Allah kakitangan kami yang mesra sedia untuk membantu anda.



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Menteri Besar Datuk  Ahmad Said is accused of  dictatorship and blatant cronyism  by his detractors
(NST) Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said is accused of dictatorship and blatant cronyism by his detractors

IN an interview to commemorate his first year in office last month, Datuk Ahmad Said said his greatest challenge as Terengganu menteri besar occurred before he was appointed as one.

His description of the three-week political impasse when his appointment triggered protests from Umno colleagues sounded like nightmares one would never wish even on an enemy.

The 52-year-old Kijal assemblyman has enough years behind him to know that foes, more so political ones, never go away.

They either lie low or keep snapping at your heels until the next big opportunity to bite.

Last Friday’s Umno su-preme council meeting, chaired by president Datuk Seri Najib Razak, had many people in the state waiting expectantly.

Ahmad had just been put through another round of hell by his detractors the week before, who made it clear they wanted him replaced.

In just a week, he had to deal with a situation involving SMS death threats, police reports and a boycott of the state assembly sitting by an opposing group of Umno assemblymen.

Some of them said they had lost their patience and accused him of dictatorship and cronyism.

By Monday, word had gone around that Ahmad’s position as state liaison chief was unsafe.

And much to the delight of his detractors, this proved to be true after Najib announced that party vice-president Da-tuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein was replacing him.

The rumour mill worked overtime on Friday night.

By Saturday morning it was on overdrive, asking the same question: is this the beginning of the end for Ahmad?

By convention, menteris besar at the helm of Barisan Nasional-controlled states also chair the state Umno liaison committee.

There have been exceptions over the years, but mostly procedural such as former menteris besar who went on to hold cabinet posts before relinquishing the committee posts to their successors.

If there was any disappointment on Ahmad’s part over the decision, it was well-masked.

Shortly after Najib’s announcement, Ahmad said he welcomed Hishammuddin’s appointment, pledged his cooperation and called on all Umno members in Terengganu to accept the party’s decision.

Ahmad, as if knowing what his fate would be, had said throughout the week that he was prepared for any decision made by the party leadership.

Sources in Ahmad’s camp said they had no reason to hit the panic button.

They believed that their boss had been a victim of a political conspiracy all along.

They said: “This group (detractors) just refused to accept that he was chosen to become the menteri besar. From then on, they never stopped looking for the slightest fault.

“He never had a level playing field to begin with. There is dirty play going on.”

Ahmad’s supporters claimed that allegations of cronyism were unfounded, as the menteri besar was entitled to make changes, either in the administration or in policies, to suit his vision and agendas.

A senior state official said: “This is normal in politics. When there’s a new leadership, there’s bound to be new faces brought in for fresh ideas and implementation.”

The official said Ahmad possessed the integrity and standing to survive the crisis.

More importantly, he claimed Ahmad had the support of the party leadership and the people, whom he believed were aware of what was going on behind the scenes.

Political observers here, however, believe there will be an end to this saga once the leadership makes a decision

Until then, Ahmad will just have to bear with the heel snapping.

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The adult green peafowl is a rare species that never fails to attract local and foreign tourists.
(NST) The adult green peafowl is a rare species that never fails to attract local and foreign tourists.

KUALA LUMPUR: The rare Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus) has been given a new lease of life in the Ajil Pheasant Park in Terengganu.

The 0.7ha park will breed the birds in the hope of reintroducing them into the wild. The bird was last spotted in Peninsular Malaysia in 1958.

Park operator Oh Siong Lai said: “The pheasants, which are among the most beautiful birds in the world, are attracting local and foreign tourists. We are working with the state government to ensure the success of the project”.

The park, listed as the biggest pheasant sanctuary and breeding farm in the Malaysia Book of Records, houses more than 600 species of birds. An impressive 38 out of the 49 pheasant species in the world are found here.

“We have imported Green Peafowls from Australia to kick-start the project,” said Oh.
A teacher in Ajil, Oh started rearing pheasants as a hobby nine years ago with three pheasants which he bought for RM100.

“But when I found out that some pheasants were facing extinction, I went on the Internet to learn more about breeding them. I wanted to save them so future generations can enjoy their beauty.”

He is also planning to include small mammals such as foxes and porcupines to complement the deer and several species of monkeys he already had.

“I’ve also designed a herb garden for scholars and researchers. But this is still in the early stages as the cost of maintaining the park exceeds the collection from entrance fees,” he said.


They say it’s just a zoo

HULU TERENGGANU: The development of the pheasant sanctuary here has drawn mixed reactions from conservationists.

Malaysian Nature Society Terengganu chapter vice-chairman Anuar Abdullah McAfee said the bird sanctuary should emulate the Kota Kinabalu City Bird Sanctuary, which was within city limits, and where migrant and resident birds could be found.

The public can venture into the Sabah sanctuary to observe the birds, which are not caged or restricted.

“The Ajil Pheasant Park attracts many visitors. It is breeding and will hopefully reintroduce species once found here but it is a small area holding captive birds for public viewing,” he said.

Conservationist Lim Aun Tiah said a sanctuary must provide free movement. Although the enclosures in the park were reasonably big, the pheasants were still restricted.
Singapore National Biodiversity Centre National Parks Board assistant director (Terrestrial) Dr Geoffrey Davison, who felt the sanctuary was a zoo for pheasants, echoed the same sentiments.

He said one had to take into account how the birds were kept, how many were bred andwhat happened to the young. He was also concerned about some of the birds from Europeancountries and their survival in the Malaysian weather. — By Sean Augustin

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KUALA TERENGGANU (NST): Police detained 18 men for gambling in two separate raids in Kuala Terengganu and Marang on Friday.

In the first raid on a house in Kampung Telok Pelong, Pusu Tiga near Bukit Payong in Marang, 12 carpenters from Bukit Payong were arrested while gambling at 2am.

Meanwhile, five traders and a civil servant from here were detained for gambling near a food stall in Jalan Kota.

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KUALA TERENGGANU 26 April (Utusan Malaysia) – Pasangan Rosmawati Othman dan Shazmin Mohd. Affandi muncul juara dalam Pertandingan Memasak Tradisional anjuran Primula Beach Hotel apabila menu istimewa mereka memikat hati juri di sini semalam.

Pasangan dari Kampung Padang Midin itu memilih menu Gulai Darat Ayam Kampung bagi kategori lauk dan Kuih Butir Nangka bagi kategori pencuci mulut.

Dengan kemenangan itu mereka menerima hadiah berupa pakej penginapan 3 hari dua malam di hotel itu, hamper dan piala.

Tempat kedua dimenangi oleh pasangan Che Ku Rosnida Che Ku Rani dan Tengku Zayah Tengku Wang dari Kepong, Selangor dengan masakan Gulai Ayam Kampung dan Nagasari Ubi Kayu.

Mereka menerima hadiah satu pakej penginapan 2 hari satu malam, hamper dan piala.

Safiah Mohamad dan Fatimah Ismail dari Kampung Durian Guling di sini pula meraih tempat ketiga dengan menu Keli Salai Jeruk Maman dan Sira Labu Pancawarna melayakkan mereka menerima dua baucer BBQ, hamper dan piala.

Hadiah pemenang disampaikan oleh Pengurus Makanan dan Minuman hotel itu, Mohd. Radzali Mokhtar.

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KUALA TERENGGANU 26 April (Utusan Malaysia) – Sebuah bot nelayan asing yang melarikan diri sebaik sahaja dihampiri kapal Agensi Penguatkuasaan Maritim Malaysia (APMM) berjaya ditahan kerana menangkap ikan secara haram di perairan negeri ini, semalam.

Kapal KM Segantang milik APMM mengesan bot pukat tunda itu ketika membuat rondaan pada pukul 8.40 pagi. Ia terpaksa melanggar buritan bot tersebut apabila tujuh nelayan dan seorang tekong nelayan itu nekad melarikan diri.

Menurut Ketua Penguatkuasa APMM Kuala Terengganu, Komander Maritim Syed Fuzi Syed Hasan, ketika dihampiri, bot berkenaan cuba melarikan diri dengan memotong pukat.

”APMM melepaskan suar sebanyak tiga kali sebagai amaran, namun bot nelayan tersebut terus melarikan diri,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini.

Menurutnya, bot berkenaan dikesan berhampiran sebuah pelantar minyak dan berjaya ditahan di sekitar 84 batu nautika dari Kuala Terengganu.

Beliau memberitahu, hasil pemeriksaan mendapati tekong, tiga awak-awak warga Thailand dan empat Myanmar berusia antara 21 hingga 43 tahun tidak mempunyai dokumen pengenalan diri serta permit menangkap ikan di perairan negeri ini.

Menurutnya, turut ditemui ialah hasil tangkapan sebanyak 400 kilogram.

”Nelayan ini melakukan kesalahan di bawah Seksyen 15 (1)(a) Akta Perikanan 1985 yang sabit kesalahan, tekong boleh didenda sebanyak RM1 juta manakala awak-awak pula RM100,000 setiap seorang,” ujarnya.

Menurutnya lagi, penahanan nelayan asing itu dibuat hasil maklumat dari pelantar minyak berkenaan yang menyatakan kawasan sekitarnya dijadikan kawasan tangkapan ikan secara berleluasa.

Katanya, tangkapan oleh KM Segantang yang diketuai Leftenan Maritim Aidil Adzhar Saleh bersama 18 anak kapal adalah yang ketiga sepanjang ‘Ops Perkasa Timur’ Siri 33/09 diadakan.

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