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KUALA TERENGGANU (The New Straits Times): Three members of an all-women gang who had allegedly cheated jewellers at the Pasar Payang market were detained by members of the public last week. A fourth woman escaped.

State deputy police chief SAC II Hamzah Mohd Jamil said the four gang members were from Sabah. They are believed to be part of a syndicate based in Klang.

The gang first struck on March 8. They approached a 64-year-old goldsmith and offered to sell their gold chains and buy two new ones worth RM5,750 from her.

The goldsmith agreed and paid them RM52 in balance after the price difference was calculated.

The goldsmith realised later that the jewellery they had sold her was heavily plated with gold.

On March 19, the suspects surfaced again at Pasar Payang market.

They allegedly cheated three more traders of jewellery totalling RM4,427.

The job was done in two hours.

By then, word had got around and some of the traders and members of the public began searching for the gang members.

They found them in the vicinity and apprehended three of them.

The three jewellery traders lodged reports at the Kuala Terengganu police station that evening while the first victim lodged a report on Tuesday at the same police station.

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KUALA TERENGGANU (New Straits Times): Boatmen ferrying passengers along Sungai Terengganu are disappointed they have not been receiving the financial assistance promised by the state government.

Muda Ali, 70, claimed that the state government had promised RM10,000 to each boatman in January.

“We were told the money had already been approved for distribution, but we have yet to receive it.

“Where is the money?

“It is frustrating as we have no money to repair our boats,” he said yesterday.

Another boatman, Zahari Mohd Awing, 39, who spent RM5,000 repairing his boat recently, said: “I have to fish and repair nets to earn additional income to support my six children.”

Seberang Takir assemblyman Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman said instead of giving money to the boatmen, the state government had decided to replace their old boats.

Ahmad, who is also the state Education, Higher Education, Science, Technology and Human Resources Committee chairman, said this was a better way to solve their problems.

“If we give them the money to repair the boats, it will disrupt their daily operations of which they are very dependent on to earn their living.

“But first, we want the boatmen to revive the Terengganu Passenger Boat Association so the boats can be delivered.”

The new boats would be delivered in stages this year, he added.

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